Below is a list of some of our previous interns and their legacy projects. Click on the name to see the LinkedIn profile and/or click on the title to see the person’s project. For some of the LinkedIn profiles, you may need to be logged into your LinkedIn account to access the profile.

Year Intern Legacy Project
2015-2016 Ana Reyes Career Services Website for Undocumented/DACAmented Students
2015-2016 Diane Hu Goal Setting Handout for TRIO Students
and a Sample Career Paths Handout for Biology Students
2014-2015 Joe Fournier (De)constructed Meanings: Self + Life Roles + Beliefs
and the User Instructions
2014-2015 Vera (Perekoteyeva) Rodriguez Mancera Undocumented and DACAmented Student Success and Career Development Guide
2013-2014 Candace Mui Strategic Networking: A Resource Guide for International Students seeking U.S. Employment
2013-2014 Mia Giron UIC Military to Civilian Transition Web Portal
2013-2014 Omega Styles Career Resource Guide for Students with a Criminal Record
2013 Michael Kimball-Bryant  
2012-2013 Monica Velarde  
2010-2011 Ashley Barrient  
2010-2011 Brian Holifield  
2010 Alyssa Cairns  
2005-2006 Stefanie Limberger